Frame of Love by Linvin

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frame of love
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The Frame of Love is the ultimate statement piece no matter where you decide to make its home. With its substantial size and dimension, the Frame of Love is nothing short of a true conversation piece. Its majestic size measures 60” x 60” or 5 ft x 5 ft square on the outside, 47” x 47"” on the inside and is 8 inches wide and 5 inches deep. Whether you decide to use it to frame art, a mirror, a chalkboard wall, a cork board or even all on its own, it’s really up to you to define what its purpose will be. Made in Italy from a rotational mold, the frame is a durable piece of furniture made entirely of recyclable linear polyethylene, is UV coated to resist fading and scratch resistant.   The Frame of Love is a versatile piece that will survive equally well indoors and outdoors.  With the same fun sense of style and whimsical design, our Frame of Love is the perfect companion to the Queen of Love Chair or any of our Design of Love products from Linvin.  Make your own statement! 

Available in 9 colors and also available in lacquered version. 

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