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If you love having your home smell great, a Lampe Berger is the ultimate in home fragrance systems.  Developed in France over 110 years ago, the catalytic burner actually CLEANS the air in your home while eliminating all kinds of household odors.  If you have pets, a smoker, or a musty basement, you will be amazed at the Lampe Berger's ability to rid your home of all these odors.   Do you cook fish? Garlic? Fry things?  A lampe in the kitchen will get rid of any residual odors.  If you love to fill your home with beautiful smells, this diffuser is the best at doing just that.  In as little as 20 minutes, your home will be refreshed and smelling like any of the wonderful fragrances that Lampe Berger offers.  This makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves candles, without the worry about open flames.   While not the ideal way to turn off a lampe, it actually comes with a safety feature.  If it runs out of fuel, it cools itself off.  No longer do you need to worry if you blew out a candle before you leave the house or go to bed.  A Lampe Berger is a perfect gift for a housewarming, wedding gift, or any occasion gift for those who love fragrance.  Even if you don't love fragrances, So Neutral can be used to eliminate odors, but gives off no scent.  So Neutral can also be used to dilute any of the other fragrances for a lighter scent.  Click on any of the bottle images for a description of the fragrance.

Below is a quick summary of how a Lampe Berger works.  For more in depth information, we cover this in About Lampe Berger.


Cleaner, perfumed air in the home
LAMPE BERGER, the leader in innovations for air care, cleanses the air in your home by destroying unwanted odors and providing long-lasting fragrance, due to its exclusive diffusion system.By eliminating unpleasant smelling molecules (tobacco, cooking, etc.), LAMPE BERGER cleanses the interior air in your home.

Unlike any other system, which merely masks the odors, the LAMPE BERGER diffusion system makes it possible to destroy, by catalytic oxidation, the molecules causing the odors of tobacco and cooking, and other domestic odors.


•  The heat developed by the catalysis attracts the unpleasant smelling molecules to it and breaks them down.


•  The catalyst of the burner supports the oxidation of these molecules and prevents them from recombining .

The results of the efficiency of a Lampe Berger lamp in deodorizing a smoky atmosphere were proved by IAP Sentic in July 2006.  Cigarette smoke is particularly representative in this test because it contains most of the molecules found in bad smells.

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