Love Finds a Way Necklace by BB Becker

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BB Becker's combination of beauty in design and inspiration from words produces a work of art that is cherished by its owners.  While his designs are unique and desirable as pure adornment, they also carry messages of love, joy, and peace.  By carefully selecting quotes that are chosen for their uplifting nature and wisdom, BB then lives with them a while (carrying the message on a piece of paper in a pocket for some time) before creating a unique handcrafted shape and design to carry the message.  Each piece is adorned with the selected quote in BB's wife's distinctive handwriting for a personal touch that has no equal in the world of fonts and hand stamped letters.  This is a treasured line at PHINE & Whimsey, and we are delighted to offer our collection for the first time online.

From BB's Token Collection, this sterling heart shaped pendant reads "Deep in the heart, somewhere in the soul, love finds a way to be forever", author unknown.  Suspended from a sterling 18 inch chain with a white pearl included, this unique looking shape and message might be perfect for your wife, girlfriend or significant other.