Nomination Classic Composable 18K Gold CZ Letters

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Nomination is the creator of the original composable link bracelet that has captured the hearts of women (and men) around the world.  These hypoallergenic highest quality stainless steel links, made in Florence, Italy, are bedazzled with 18K gold, hand painted enamel, cubic zirconia, precious and semi-precious stones in every imaginable letter, number, and symbols that will celebrate milestones, passions, and the loves of your life.  Create your own personalized jewelry by collecting all that symbolize you and your life on a stretchy band that is easy to wear and it's easy to add your charms yourself.   Whether you want to start a bracelet or have already started one for yourself, a friend or loved one, we can help!   PHINE & Whimsey has hundreds of charms in 18K gold, hand-painted enamel, cubic zirconia, as well as precious and semi-precious stones.  We have charms for both the classic and big bracelets.  Each link is certified with the Nomination logo ensuring quality and originality.  Questions?  Send us an email at, and let us know what you'd like to commemorate so we can try to find you just the right charm for the occasion.

Featured here are the 18K gold encased cubic zirconia letter charms to spell a name, place, or initials of those you love.  See all of our offerings from Nomination Jewelry from Italy.