Pot of Love by Linvin

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pot of love
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The Pot of Love champagne buckets are just as whimsical and cheerful as the Queen of Love Armchairs! Versatile in function, the Pot of Love can be used as it’s intended or as a planter. In fact, the Pot of Love is about the size of a Fichus tree planter. So, does that mean if you plant an empty champagne bottle, you get a bubbly bush? Love it, hug it and experiment with your own boozy green thumb. A versatile piece, the Pot of Love will survive equally well indoors and outdoors.  See all of our Linvin products!  PLEASE NOTE:  Lacquered finish is an additional $25.00 per pot. 


Made in Italy,  eco-friendly, resists color fading with a UV coat rating of 6, is scratch, shock and weather resistant and easy to clean! Suitable for residential and commercial use.


Weighs: 4.96 lbs